HTTP Client Implementations

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For now, there are five implementations: for Saxon (XSLT 2.0 and XQuery,) for Zorba, for eXist, for MarkLogic Server, for BaseX, and for the .NET framework.

The implementation for MarkLogic is a partial implementations though, as it relies on the similar, product-dependent extension of this product, which does not permit to provide the whole functionality. Anyone is welcome to contribute of course, see the mailing list. Some work are undergoing to provide better support of the EXPath HTTP Client on this processor.

The implementations for Zorba, eXist and BaseX are built-in implementations. All other implementations are hosted in the expath-http-client project. The implementation for Saxon has been released as an XAR package. The implementation for eXist is part of the official eXist release (you can use it out of the box). The implementation for MarkLogic has not been released yet, as it is only partial, but you can find it in the subversion repository.

myxsl, a framework to build website with XML technologies, provides with an implementation of the HTTP Client for .NET (System.Xml.Xsl) and Saxon.