Package Managers

Taps and pipes

The eXist, Qizx and BaseX XML databases all implements built-in the Packaging System. There are external implementations for the Saxon XSLT and XQuery processor and the Calabash XProc processor (see the project home for details and downloads for those external implementations).

All those implementations rely on the same underlying repository structure, and actually all use the same repository manager written in Java as part of the above mentioned expath-pkg project. They also all support packaging extension functions written in Java.

The expath-pkg project also provides a repository manager, called xrepo, to help managing packages in a repository (installing, removing, listing, etc.) The same implementations are also used in Servlex, the framework used to run the EXPath website, based exclusively on XML technologies.

Console for MarkLogic

EXPath Console for MarkLogic

A first version of an EXPath Console for MarkLogic is going to be released soon. You can already test it. Just download the source from Google Code (look for the latest "expath-ml-console.*.zip"). Unzip it somewhere on your filesystem, create a new HTTP server in MarkLogic, point the modules of that HTTP server to the filesystem, where you saved the sources, go to http://localhost:xxx/home.xq and follow the instructions. You might want to look at the Help page as well, from the menu on the page.